noCUBE has published nine works by five artists:

Deliverance (noCUBE 008) – Jon Eriksen, 2008
Deliverance consists of more than three hundred distilled descriptions of violent scenes from horror films. In the texts all individual characters and motivations have been abandoned. What remains are only the physical acts of violence, detached climaxes. Edition: 300

The Violence (noCUBE007) – Jonas Liveröd, 2008
The Violence is a 200 pages collection of drawings, photos and found footage constructed around a photo from the Altamont incident in 1969. The tense, fragmented and darkly hallucinatory world of The Violence builds around the moment when Hells Angels beat a man to death in front of the stage of the Rolling Stones at the Altamont festival. Like Altamont where intentions were good and it all ended up so wrong, The Violence embraces the uncanny, the tries, mistakes and the feverish energy of lost control. Design by Romeo Vidner at re-public (DK). The book is produced in collaboration with re-public, Kristinehamns Konstmuseum, Ystad Konstmuseum, Nordin Gallery, Svensson, Ystad Centraltryckeri, Kristinehamns Konstmuseums Vänförening, Ystad Konstförening, Svenska Kyrkan and Norrstrands Stift. Edition: 700

Plumbo Colour (noCUBE006) – Andreas Tellefsen, 2008
This is the second issue of Plumbo. The first issue was published in 1999. The drawings in this book, except for the cover, were finished in 2003. The first issue included nature, fat-chested girls and fragile, anemic dandyboys in need of a hug or something. It was in B/W and was made as a kind of a diary. This book was made as an Andreas Tellefsen manifesto in pictures. This issue was first made as a collage book size 6×10 cm. It consisted of fragments collected from photos, paintings and prints of already existing images. Then it was sized up to A4 format, made into drawings, and finally printed in this format. Edition: 500

The History of Electronic Music (noCUBE004) – Ronnie Sundin, 2007
A subjective history book based upon the artists background as a musician and record collector. It consists of portraits of fellow electronic composers, influential persons, several key figures and events, records and instruments. Design by Lasse Marhaug. Edition: 300

noCUBE is run by the Norwegian artist Trond Hugo Haugen.
Those Sick Fucks (2001), The Boring Work of Art (2002), Lack of Soul (2003), Book D (2005) and 1001 Feelings You Must Feel Before You Die (2007).